Water Meetings

25-26 July 2020, La Croix-Valmer

as well as at several points in the world that day…

Round tables and several meetings with scientists, sociologists, journalists, doctors, local and international NGOs, artistic performances and workshops, practices at sea to « swim differently », (…) working to understand the water element, to share its needs to remain « alive and healthy », to implement concrete actions for its preservation and to preserve the living system, including the human system, linked to water.

An ethical point to bring us together at this beginning:

The “water drop” concept : when an informed, salty or coloured drop of water touches another water, it shares and disseminates its information. Each of us can help to improve the situation of water on earth, to support its quality, distribution, use… so that the earth continues to deserve the term « blue planet” and be benevolent to one another . It’s up to us !

To know more :The Water Meetings are non-religious, non-political and non-profit.1.


Do you like Water? One thing is certain: Water loves us!Did you know that scientists have recently discovered that, depending on the brightness that passes through it and the support on which it flows, its molecular formula changes?Better yet, are we aware that no drops of water have come out of the earth’s sphere since the beginning of life on earth?Thus, do we suspect that it may have been a tree and then a drop of the Amazon River, that it may have flowed into a tap of Firenze in Italy, that it may have suspended in a cloud above New York, that it may have evaporated like the sweat of a galloping cheetah and that it may, at that moment, be lodged in our body and fed by our thoughts? 2.

History of the event

Dr. Florence Pittolo (Sahaj Neel, author’s name) started Les Femmes Gardiennes d’O (Water Keeper Women) movement in 2018. FGO is non-religious, non-political and non-profit. She is a psycho-sociologist, international researcher (for governments, Sidaction, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.), has lectured at university, author, specialist in cultural and social identity issues and particularly in the field of women’s rights. She has lived and lectured all over the world, including as a specialist in Asia. Creator of radio programs, international events (symposiums,…) especially in Public Health. Sitting near the river where she grew up, after 10 years of absence, she was surprised and affected by the degradation of the water, the shores, the wildlife. This awareness has become unavoidable and since then it has brought together different people concerned with Water Awareness.

The first FGO movement mainly concerned women in the context of personal development. The aim here is to experience our relationship with water in an innovative, non-consumerist way and with an open consciousness that promotes creativity. For example, it gave birth to the first water festival in Montreal in 2018. Since then, broader projects involving several actors have been initiated. The FWCP (Federative Water Consciousness Program) is part of this and is taking on a much broader dimension. The current members of the bureau are united around the urgent need to respond with action to current water issues (ecological, industrial, public health, educational, personal initiative,…).

Indeed, here are some points to remember :Bringing together different speakers on the same subjects, especially those who have already worked deeply on these subjects, makes it possible to collect good actions, good intentions and promising reflections (particularly local and then « international ») by valuing them first of all through exchange and then by putting them in contact with the right people to make them happen. As partners, we learn from each other, the inspiring forces and knowledge increase in quality in order to meet and create the conditions conducive to their realization. Three examples of spillover: * eco-conscious tourism in highly frequented areas (see the Padel Cleaner Association in Nice); ** a dozen people gather to bring drinking water to this remote village; *** a charter for « good protection against the sun » (and the reduction of the use of solar oils) is drafted and propagated to all yacht clubs, sea shops,… ..

We thank you for your attention! For Founder Dr. Florence Pittolo, psycho-sociologist and the team

CONTACTS: Florence Pittolo +33(0)6 68 54 54 73 87 rencontresdeleau@gmail.com